Blizcon Categories and Rules

Here are the categories for the annual IPMS Columbus Chapter contest. IPMS Columbus likes to encourage new and inexperienced modelers to be rewarded for their efforts and acknowledging that there many excellent modelers in the community, we have two sections for Adult modelers. The Adult categories are intended for those modelers who do not feel that they have the skills to compete with more experienced modelers. The Master categories are for IPMS members and those who wish to compete for greater reward. Junior modelers are up to 12 years old, and Senior Modelers are 13 through 17. All Junior modelers are judged together. All Junior and Senior models will be acknowledged with an award.



Best British Model – Best US Marine Corps Subject – Best Ohio Subject

Best WW1 Subject – Best WW2 Subject – Best Luftwaffe Subject – Best German Car

Best Naval Aircraft – Best Pre-1939 Ship

Together with the Category winners, Best Adult, Best Master and Judges Best of Show








J1: Youth Models, all, all scales

S1: Aircraft, all scales

S2: Military vehicles, all scales

S3: Cars & Trucks, Stock, all scales

S4: Cars & Trucks, Racing, all scales

S5: Figures, all scales

S6: Space & Fantasy, all scales

S7: Ships, all scales

S8: Dioramas, all, all scales









M1: Single Engine Prop, 1/72 & smaller scales

M2: Multi-Engine Prop, 1/72 & smaller scales

M3: Single Engine Prop, 1/71 to 1/36 scales

M4: Multi-Engine Prop, 1/71 to 1/36 scales

M5: Single Engine Prop, 1/35 & larger scales

M6:  Multi-Engine Prop, 1/35 & larger scales

M7: Jet engine, 1/72 & smaller scales

M8: Jet engine, 1/71 to 1/36 scales

M9: Jet engine, 1/35 & larger scales

M10: Civil Aircraft, all scales

M11: Helicopters, all scales

M12: Out-of-the-Box, all scales

M13: Scratchbuilt/Conversion, all scales

M14: Aircraft Dioramas, all scales


M15: Armored Vehicles, all, 1/49 & smaller scales

M16: Armored Vehicles, all, 1/48 scale

M17: Armored Vehicles, (1945 & earlier)

    1/47 & larger scales

M18: Armored Vehicles, (1946 & later), 1/47 & larger scales

M19: Soft-skinned Vehicles, all scales

M20: Towed Artillery/Rail Road Guns, all scales

M21: Halftracks & Armored Cars, all scales

M22: Out-of-the-Box, all scales

M23: Scratchbuilt/Conversion, all scales

M24: Armor Dioramas, all scales

M25: Non-Exploratory/Non-Research Rockets &

Missiles, all scales


M26: Submarines, all scales

M27: Powered, 1/401 & smaller, all

M28: Powered, 1/400 & larger, all

M29: Unpowered Ships, all scales

M30: Ship Dioramas, all scales


M31: Factory Stock, all scales

M32: Competition, all scales

M33: Commercial Vehicles, all scales

M34: Street Rods, (1948 & earlier), all scales

M35: Street Rods, (1949 & later), all scales

M36: Utility & Municipal, all scales

M37: Motorcycles, all scales

M38: Automotive Dioramas, all scales

M39: Out-of-the-Box, all scales

M40: Scratchbuilt/Conversions, all scales


M41: Real, 60 mm & smaller scales

M42: Real, 61 mm & larger scales

M43: Vignettes (2 or 3 figures), all scales

M44: Prehistoric, all scales

M45: Figure Dioramas, all scales


M46: Spacecraft, Real, all scales

M47: Spacecraft, Fantasy, all scales

M48: Exploration/Research Rockets & Missiles, Real, all scales

M49: Fictional land, sea, or air vehicles, all scales

M50: Gundam subjects, all scales

M51: Out-of-the-Box, all scales

M52: Scratchbuilt/Conversions, all scales

M53: Sci-Fi/Horror figures, all scales

M54: Fantasy figures, all scales

M55: Science dioramas, all, all scales


M56: Pre-Decorated Kits, all, all scales

M57: Scratchbuilt, all scales

M58: Miscellaneous, all scales


IPMS Eddie Rickenbacker Chapter reserves the right to expand, combine or split categories according to the number of entries in any given category. No sweeps will be allowed in the Master Class. No models that have been winners at previous IPMS Regional or National events or previous IPMS Eddie Rickenbacker hosted events are eligible to be entered. The IPMS Eddie Rickenbacker Chapter, its members and/or the Aladdin Shrine Center are not responsible for any loss or injury that may occur. Judging is based upon IPMS National Rules. All Judges decision are final.

Please see a copy of more complete rules here.

Eddie Rickenbacker Chapter